Unstoppable is the second movie with trains that the director Tony Scott made in a row and it's said to use true events as inspiration. What I liked about this movie is its retro feel, which will make you think of something from the 70's or the 80's.

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The movie is based quite loosely on the runaway train story from 2001, which took place in Ohio. The two workers which managed to stop the train are played by Denzel Washington and by Chris Pine. The way that Frank (the character played by Denzel) goes through the checklists make him resemble like the pilot of an airline which is about to take off. While he is a professional, the train is sabotaged by the carelessness of slackers that didn't catch the problem with the air brakes. This is a huge problem, as the train can't stop and a lot of people are in danger thanks to the cargo of toxic chemicals and the speed of the train, which goes over 70 mph.

Even though spectators will probably know how it all turns out, the director manages to keep the movie full of tension and very enjoyable as a thriller. You will be kept on the edge of the seat by Denzel's performance and Chris Pine does a pretty good role as well. I'm a huge Denzel Washington fan and after seeing this movie I can tell you that I'm going to watch it again soon. He is a great actor and any movie he plays in you should definitely see.