Toy Story 3

Pixar is one of the few movie companies that are loved by everyone. They make plenty of movies, but at worst, their movies are good, and at best, they are spectacular. It's a great company and I've probably seen every single one of their movies.

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People thought that they were just trying to get some extra money out of a brand when they announced Toy Story 3, but after seeing the movie, I think we can agree that they did a pretty good job at this last movie of the franchise. Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter and Lee Unkrich were the three guys from Pixar that made this movie and they did a great job at it. Unkrich was also the director behind Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2 and Monsters Inc. In Toy Story 3, he was the co-writer and director, while the other two were co-writers. Thanks to these three, Toy Story 3 was exciting, funny, touching and heartwarming.  Hamm is played once again by Ratzenberger, Potato Head by Don Rickles and Jessie by Joan Cusack.

If you take a look at all three movie from the series, you will notice the animation and its improvement from one move to the next one. The expression and detail levels that you will see in Toy Story 3 are way over what you could see in the second movie. Whether you see the 3D version or the regular one, the quality it's still there and you will enjoy it.

Toy Story 3 is a movie where you should take your entire family to see it. It's one of the great movies made by Pixar and it's worth seeing.