The Town

A crime thriller that I would recommend as a must see, The Town is a movie that is directed by Ben Affleck. This is his second movie as a director and he confirms once again that he has a great future in the movie making business. He confirms once again the fame that he's been building as a director and this is a movie that is a must see.

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The action of the movie takes place in Charlestown, near Boston, which is known as America's bank robbery capital. People tend to grow in a violent environment in this town and they have small chances of getting out.

The movie's performances are all quite good and Ben Affleck plays the character MacRay Doug, who is at the same time smart, brave, vulnerable, loyal and dangerous. Thanks to Affleck's performance, the movie works well.

Even though Affleck plays a great role, the movie wouldn't be as good if his character wouldn't be supported well, but luckily, there is plenty of talent here. Jimmy Coughlin is played by Renner Jeremy and it's done well. Jimmy is a thug and he doesn't apologize for it. It's the type of character that you root for, even though he's bad.

Watching the movie will keep you in suspense until the end and I really have a hard time believing that someone will get bored while watching it. I thought that the characters, action and story were all crafted quite well and engaging. Ben Affleck is not only a good actor but a great director and I can't wait for his next film.