Tangled is a great movie for the family, perfect to watch during a holiday weekend, as it combines a Disney classic with the humor and technology that you're seeing in the last couple of years. With this movie, you get the best parts from both worlds.

Tangled is a movie that is timeless and it tells a story of coming of age, self discovery and of flying away from the nest. This movie will appeal to anyone that went through the trials of someone that grew up.

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The focus of this animated movie is on Rapunzel, which is voiced by the actress Mandy Moore. She is near her 18th birthday and thanks to her mother she was kept all her life in a tower.

This fairytale is certainly different than what you're used to seeing. The main character isn't a suave princess. Instead, she is violent and shrieking and she is a more contemporary heroine, instead of what you were used seeing a couple of decades ago. At the same time, the damsel in distress is both independent like a modern heroine and sweet and innocent, like a regular princess from Disney.

As for the main male character, he brings quite a bit of humor to the movie. He's also a spin on the Prince Charming you're used to seeing and while a good guy, you can compare him easily with Han Solo. He is a cynic, which when combined with the naivete of the princess makes for a great movie which I'm going to see again really soon.