Social Network

An online giant that has changed the lives of many, Facebook allows us to share our lives and many businesses found a new way to promote themselves and reach a huge number of people. Considering the over half a billion users that it has and its huge importance, it's no surprise that a movie has been done about its history. The Social Network is an exploration of Facebook's history, though all in all they could've done a better job at it, since so many people's lives were touched by this company.

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The Social Network is a good movie in many aspects. The director behind the movie is Fincher David, who also worked on other great movies, like Zodiac, Fight Club or Se7en. The fans of his work will usually appreciate him for three things that are his signatures: the cinematography which is vivid yet dark, great camera work and the attitude of a perfectionist. The Social Network is no different and all his usual signatures can be found in this movie. The scenes that appear in the beginning of the movie are great and they make Harvard look dark and edgy, something that isn't usually said about it.

Garfield and Eisenberg play the main roles in the movie and they do a great job at it. Many consider Eisenberg to be another Michael Cera when it comes to playing roles of nerds, but he plays something darker in this movie. Zuckerberg is portrayed as a genius that can't interact well with others, yet becomes rich by helping others connect.