Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs is a movie that is quite close to being perfect as far as I'm concerned. The flick explores the two great leads and it does it thoroughly, in the 113 minutes that the movie takes from beginning to end. The sometimes aggressive dialogue of the movie will make your jaw drop, as you eventually become more connected to the movie's characters.

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The main supporting players of the movie work well together and they keep the script together. The movie's action is moved along quite well and they have greatly timed sequences of comedy and of introspection.

This movie's approach resembles the one from Up in the air a bit. While it keeps a straight face, the movie also tackles some adult issues. This movie manages to loosen up your tie and it has a happy tone.

While the main leads do a great job, the supporting actors do a great job as well. One of these smaller actors is Josh Gad, which delivers a great performance and almost steals the show from the great Gyllenhal, bringing comic relief to the scenes.

The relationships between the movie's character are very natural and you have the sensation that they've known each other for many years. Basically, the audience grows at the same time as the characters, which isn't an easy thing to do when you have just two hours at your disposal. In many cases, movies needed a couple of sequels to achieve it.

All in all, I loved Love and Other Drugs and the characters were addictive enough to make me watch it a second time soon