Life As We Know It

While Life As We Know It is a romantic comedy, it's not a typical one, and that's a good thing. It's also of a different quality than what Katherine Heigl usually delivers. While Knocked Up saw a good performance from her, movies like Killers or The Ugly Truth were really bad. Thankfully, in this movie, Heigl does a better job and it shows. Partially to thank for her performance are the writers and director (Berlanti Greg), which don't make her sarcastic or needy. Instead, the character played by Heigh is flawed and she does a pretty good job playing it.

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One bonus point is the chemistry between Duhamel and Heigl, something that many of her movies didn't have.

I said it's not a typical romantic comedy and the fact that it doesn't follow the rules of a regular movie means that it's more mature and the main characters don't become caricatures as a result. Something I appreciated is that Holly isn't a career driven woman, even though she has plenty on her plate at work.

The movie manages to avoid the traps that most romantic comedies fall in and even the scene at the airport is done differently.

You will laugh while watching this movie but you will also enjoy a number of emotional and quiet moments. You will find the regular jokes about baby poop that you can expect from a movie like this, but you will also find some tragedy and drama in it. All in all, it's a complex and emotional film that you will probably like.