Jackass 3D

The latest movie with the Jackass group is the Jackass 3D, which is full of pranks, stunts and plenty of jokes that you'll appreciate if you like their humor.

Knoxville John, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Bam Margera, Dave England, McGhehey, Preston Lacy, Jason Acuna and Ryan Dunn are all in the move, which is directed by Tremaine Jeff. If you've seen the past adventures of the Jackass group, this movie should feel familiar, but if it's new to you, you will be pleasantly surprised. Watching the movie should be fun, as these guys enjoy their lives and have a nice sense of humor that many enjoy. You might not want to be the subject of one of their pranks, but you will enjoy watching their movie.

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Both Knoxville and his friend, Steve-O, do a good job in the movie, even though they have many years behind them. Chris Pontius and Wee Man also make a good job, even though they are knew.

You will see both simple and elaborate stunts, but I personally prefer the simple ones. They have the feeling of a classic joke and you will laugh hard when you see them.
The 3D part of the movie looks like you would expect from the Jackass movies. It enhances the experiences of a classic Jackass movie, so don't expect any beauties here, just being grossed out.

As a Jackass fan, you will get from this movie what you expect, a new dose of stunts and jokes at the expense of others. This movie should be enjoyed both by old fans and new audiences.