Easy A

Easy A is one of the best comedies that came out in 2010. At the same time, it is silly, clever and witty and Emma Stone makes a great role in this movie. Even though there are plenty of comedies that take place in high schools, most of them aren't that good. This one however is better and I enjoyed it. The jokes in this movie are smart and they have a subtext that is thoughtful and all in all, this is a movie with a large heart, something quite important when the main character pretends to be a skank.

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By watching this movie you will manage to weave together technology and pop culture and still manages to deliver on smart jokes. In many cases, movie try to be hip and they're only awkward and sad. Easy A delivers much better in this aspect and it feels real.

Emma Stone delivers a lot in this movie and it probably wouldn't be as good if she wasn't in it. She brings a great performance to the table and she really shows that she belongs on the A-list. She has great facial expressions and comic timing and she has a future as a comedy actress. I really hope she will be playing as a lead character in many other movies.

The movie's script is also very good and Gluck directs it well. It is a great movie and it is worth seeing both for the performance of Emma Stone and that of the other actors.