The Company Men

The Company Men is a movie launched in 2011, directed and written by John Wells and with a cast that made me want to see it immediately. Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck and Chris Cooper are the main characters in this movie about the lifestyle of the white collar workers. With their nice jobs, gorgeous wives and sports cars, losing their jobs because of the economic situation makes them redefine themselves while trying to adapt to the new realities in their lives.

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The three leading actors have very subtle and sharp performances that I enjoyed and you will have no problem understanding exactly how affected these men are by the crisis they've run into. Instead of realizing that these are actors, you actually feel for them and you're sorry that they've lost their jobs.

The cast that supports the three main actors is also a strong one and each of the wives is a classic stereotype. You have the gold digger wife, the aloof one and the one that is very encouraging and supportive. Thanks to the way the roles were cast, each of the wives played their parts well and it complimented the performances of the men.

Whatever the economic and social standing might be, the idea behind the movie is that what you need is faith and a family that supports you.

After watching this movie I can honestly say that I enjoyed it and I'm sure I'm going to watch it again soon. It's a good story with actors that do their job well and you can't go wrong watching it.