For Colored Girls

For Colored Girls is the latest movie directed and written by Perry Tyler. The adaptation of the story is based on a stage play that won awards, called "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf".

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The story from this movie is around 9 women which are either neglected, abused or harrased, in different ways, either emotionally, sexually or physically. While in the beginning they are simple acquaintances, in time they become allied and go together through one of the worst moments from their lives.

Thandie Newton is the best actresses from the movie, even though there are plenty of other talented actresses there. She is of British origins and she plays a bartender who tends to use men and she also has a bad relationship with her sister and her mother.

The movie's relationships are well designed and the one thing that unites them is the pain they feel. Each of these women is somehow damaged and they help one another in times of need. The moments when they help each other are especially nice, as there is no judgement there, only the feeling of a community.

There are not that many films which talk about men who are gay and in regular marriages, but this is one of them. It's yet another reason to watch this movie and enjoy it.

The acting in this movie is quite strong and that's the best part about it. Men are not treated very fairly in it, but the male actors still do a great job.