Burlesque is a great movie, fun and very likeable. It takes a couple of minutes to get the movie started, but once it does, it doesn't slow down. The movie remained exciting throughout and there were plenty of stories in it, which kept it interesting. Fortunately, these stories were told well and they worked great together, so the characters shined. I intend to watch it again soon, with a couple of my friends. You know it's a great movie when you want to recommend it to your friends.

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The numbers of the musical were great, but one of my favorites was the song which was sun by Tess, the character played by Cher. Another song I liked was the one from the end, which was sung by Ali, which was played by Christina Aguilera. The movie's songs were great of soul and energy and they make you want to dance and sing.

While Christina Aguilera played in her first movie here, her performance was quite nice. Her character was innocent and sexy at the same time. This is a combination that plenty of actresses have problems pulling off. As far as debut acting roles go, this one was great for her and Ali is a very nice character.

All in all, Burlesque was a great movie, fun to watch, which I enjoyed and I'm going to watch again really soon. At the same time, it had a great story and it was sexy, with some great music and performances mixed in, which make me want to see it again as soon as possible.