Tron: Legacy

Tron is one of the movies that have been highly anticipated and hyped this year. For the past three years, it was teased at the Comic Con from San Diego and the crowd was really impressed by the footage which was shown there. A lot of dedication and hard work went into Tron: Legacy and the visuals are stunning, making use of the latest special effects of the industry.

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People that enjoyed the original movie will feel the nostalgia when they see the new version. The first version had a number of interesting concepts at the time, when computers where still unknown to most people.

The current movie, Tron: Legacy, takes place 7 years after the first one finishes. In this movie, Jeff Bridges, playing Flynn Kevin, took over Encom and with Bradley Alan's (played by Boxleitner Bruce) help he manages to make the company quite successful. Flynn has a son called Sam, who grew up with stories of the grid. He is also close to finding a miracle, something that will redefine medicine, religion and others.

Tron is a nice visual movie and you will love the scenes where the movie's battles take place, like the lightcycle racing or the hand to hand battles. This is basically a great answer to what Avatar was, with great 3D effects and a transparent and multi level race track that is used for lightcycle battles.

The movie also has great music, created by Daft Punk, which goes well with the rest of the movie. Make sure you watch this one, it's definitely one that shouldn't be ignored.